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“Changing our lighting system will be expensive, a real hassle
and we’ll only get a marginal benefit.”

We suspect you’ve heard this argument before. Probably not as often as we have, but we still get satisfaction from proving how mistaken it is on every count.


With Eco Lighting Specialists, you don’t need any initial capital outlay and the energy savings can more than cover your monthly repayments.

‘A real hassle’

No, not when we do the full audit and the number-crunching necessary to demonstrate exactly how you will benefit. And the plaudits our installation teams receive after each job are enough to make them blush.

‘Marginal benefit’

That’s also incorrect. Installing LED will transform your lighting bills, work environment and carbon footprint, as our many satisfied customers testify. Marginal, it isn’t.

So what happens when you contact Eco Lighting Specialists?

We conduct a full lighting assessment at your premises. From this, we calculate your current annual energy and maintenance (lamp replacement) costs, plus carbon wastage.

We write a fully costed proposal to upgrade your lighting system to LED with two purchasing options, with and without initial capital outlay. You ask as many questions as you need until
you are satisfied you fully understand how you stand to benefit, and by how much.

At this point you can walk away from our discussions with no commitment or cost.
However we find that once potential customers have seen the figures, they tend to move to step 3.

You commission Eco Lighting Specialists to change your system over to LED. We hold a logistics meeting on site to confirm exactly what will be done (including cabling) as well as when and how. Our aim is to cause you as little disruption as possible and we work overnight and weekends if that’s the best solution.

We undertake your transformation to LED. While work is underway, we will always provide sufficient lighting to ensure your business can function and we are known as the office cleaners’ best friend – because we leave no mess! And we provide a five year no-quibble guarantee.

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