Case Study: Kids Allowed

‘It’s all been perfect’

Paul Seddon, Facilities Manager at Kids Allowed, was getting frustrated.

“I maintain our seven purpose-built child care centres in Greater Manchester and Cheshire. It’s quite a big patch and, for the safety of our young children, it’s vital that the lighting is always 100% in each centre. But light bulbs seemed to be blowing all the time. I was constantly on the road!”

Add to that the need for regular modifications to other aspects of the conventional system and Paul was ready for a solution. Kids Allowed called in Eco Lighting Specialists who conducted a full lighting assessment of their centres. Paul liked the five-year guarantees provided on the LED equipment. And Management Accountant Stephen Allcock was impressed by the level of detail in the energy saving projections.

“The quality of Eco Lighting’s data and their knowledgeable responses to our questions gave me confidence that they knew what they were doing. The figures were striking – between 72% and 81% annual energy savings across our centres – but they stacked up. In addition, the fact that the work would pay for itself in up to five years, without putting great pressure on our cash flow, was a big plus.”

Anual Savings:£5,858.64
Energy Savings:34,108.98 kW
Carbon Emissions Savings:18,473 tonnes CO2
Percentage Savings:73.79%
Anual Savings:£4,520.25
Energy Savings:29,899.85 kW
Carbon Emissions Savings:16,194 tonnes CO2
Percentage Savings:72.35%
Anual Savings:£9,184.87
Energy Savings:45,401.17 kW
Carbon Emissions Savings:24,589 tonnes CO2
Percentage Savings:77.79%
Anual Savings:£12,735.70
Energy Savings:63,203.85 kW
Carbon Emissions Savings:34,231 tonnes CO2
Percentage Savings:76.95%
Anual Savings:£12,542.47
Energy Savings:60,569.11 kW
Carbon Emissions Savings:32,804 tonnes CO2
Percentage Savings:81.77%

The Eco Lighting engineers got to work and again Paul was more than satisfied. “They’d arrive at six pm every evening, after the last children had left, and would be gone the next morning before the first arrivals. With young children around it was essential that no tools, nails, screws or other debris was left around, and every morning they left their work area spotless. The children made them a thank you card and chocolate cake when they left!”

Kids Allowed changed their electricity supplier during the LED installation so, with new tariffs, it will take a few more months to calculate the true saving. But Stephen says he can already see a welcome change in their energy bills.

And Paul knows it was the right move. “Everything went as smooth as silk, with no fuss, which for a busy Facilities Manager is a god-send. Eco Lighting came back to make a few adjustments in the early weeks and, since then, not a single bulb has blown.”

“It’s all been perfect!”