Case Study: Blackpool Transport Services

It felt like we had daylight in the workshop
“When Eco Lighting Specialists changed our workshop lights to LED, the difference was like night and day. We switched them on and suddenly it felt like we had daylight in the workshop.”Chris is Head of Safety and Facilities for the company that runs Blackpool’s buses and trams. He knows how important it is for his mechanics to have good working conditions.“Now we have LED, both the working environment is safer and productivity has improved because the engineers can see everything so clearly. It also reduces worker fatigue. We’ve fitted LED throughout the workshop, even inside the walls of the inspection pits. Before the mechanics had to hold lamps under the engine. Now they can use both hands on a repair without loss of light.”
Initially Blackpool Transport Services commissioned Eco Lighting Specialists to refit their two repair shops with LED. Soon they wanted the same for their main office and one of the tram sheds. “Wherever LED has been installed, it’s lifted the mood of the staff,” Chris added.All this made the switch worthwhile, but with a projected 67% saving on energy charges as well (verified by an independent surveyor), it’s no surprise Chris is delighted they’ve made the change.“The Eco Lighting team was superb. We agreed a plan of work that enabled the fitting-out to be done around us with some of the office refit done at night. They always finished before our staff arrived in the morning and were so tidy you wouldn’t have known they’d been there.”Blackpool Transport Services’ calculated total annual savings will be:
Energy Savings:106,984.91 KW
Carbon Emissions Savings:58 tonnes CO2
Lighting Savings:£12,077.11 (energy, lamp replacement)
Percentage Savings:79.13% (energy, lamp replacement)
Energy Savings:234,497.86 kW
Carbon Emissions Savings:127 tonnes CO2
Lighting Savings:£26,028.55 (energy, lamp replacement)
Percentage Savings:70.07% (energy, lamp replacement)
And to top it all, in addition to much reduced lamp replacement costs, Chris reckons he’ll also save £900 a year on recycling, the price he had to pay previously to dispose of his dead fluorescent tubes safely to comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.So, it’s clear as day why Chris Davies and Blackpool Transport Services are now lovers of LED.