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LED lighting can be installed with no up front cost


As the world wakes up to the disastrous effects of global warming, our governments are being forced to take a serious look at reducing their energy consumption. Big businesses and corporations are starting to be held accountable for their contribution to carbon emissions, and as a result, they’re eagerly embracing new energy-efficient technologies. 

While changing a few lightbulbs might not seem like it would make the biggest difference in the world, especially given all these companies could be doing, studies show that lighting is up there with ventilation, heating, and cooling systems in terms of energy consumption. In fact, it actually accounts for 20% of energy consumption in the UK alone! 

Making the switch to LED lighting for your commercial office space is a no-brainer if you’re interested in reducing your office’s carbon footprint, so this article is here to help you find out more about the benefits, installation processes and costs, and how it can even improve your employees’ productivity levels. We’ve tried to cover everything you’ll need to know about commercial LED office lighting installation, so that you can make an informed decision. 

Get ready to have that light-bulb realisation that LED lighting is a great idea for your office space. Even if you’re not quite there yet, after reading this article, you will be. 


Are LEDs Good For Office Lighting?

There are a number of benefits to having LED lighting in your office. Two of the main ones are the ways in which they can improve the health and well-being of your employees, and the financial savings you’ll make thanks to reduced energy bills, but we’ll cover these in more detail a bit later.

First, we wanted to point out that LEDs offer much more reliable performance as well as being of a higher quality. Your office space will be lighter and brighter once you’ve installed LED lighting, so the visibility will be improved as will your employees’ moods. 

LED bulbs are also versatile as there’s a large range of colour temperatures available, so you can choose the perfect lighting to suit your office space. Whether you’re looking for ambient lighting or to illuminate a certain area for specific task lighting, LED lights are capable of producing multi-directional light or a single streamlined beam for more focused lighting. 

They’re a particularly great option for any office environment where colour accuracy is important, as the majority of these bulbs have a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 80 or higher, meaning they help ensure authentic colour matching which is important for printing. 

Another important reason why LED lighting is good for offices is because of how much it benefits the environment. It’s an easy way to cut your carbon consumption that will have a positive impact on the effects of global warming, as less electricity is required to power the bulbs. You’ll also waste less energy through unnecessary heat output from the bulbs. 

Plus, the production of LED lighting is less impactful on the environment, as they’re made without any pollutants, mercury, lead, glass, and toxic materials. They have an incredibly long life-span compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs, but when they do need replacing, they’re 100% recyclable which also helps to reduce waste.  

How Are Office LED Lights Installed and Should it be Left to The Experts? 

If your LED light bulbs run on the same 240v as the previous light fixtures, switching to an LED system should be fairly straightforward. However, certain elements will require some rewiring, and unless you have a comprehensive understanding of electricals, this is definitely a job best left to the professionals. To install a T8 LED bulb, for example, you’d need to bypass the control gear so that it’s only wired at one end. Not something to be attempted by your everyday handyman. 

LED panels are a popular choice thanks to the modern feel it brings to your office and their seamless integration into your workspace. However, before you get carried away with your designs, it’s necessary to have received approval from the Buildings Regulations before installing a new light system or applying any new major changes to the electrics, the heating system, or the insulation. 

Lighting installation is no easy job, especially on the scale that would be required for a commercial office building. Paying professionals to install your new lighting system for you will not only minimise the disruption to your staff and their work, but it’s also the best way to guarantee that the job is done well which will lead to fewer problems in the future. 

How Many Lumens Do You Need For an Office? 

This somewhat depends on the type of space you’re lighting and the tasks that are going to be carried out, as they’ll likely have different requirements. For example, the kitchen or communal break areas of your office can be flooded with more natural light, whereas in the main workspace this would drown out the light of the computer screens. 

For health and safety reasons there is a minimum amount of lumens required to light an office space as regulated by the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society). Their Lighting Handbook provides a comprehensive list of the recommended lumens for a variety of commercial buildings, including offices: 

Office Area

Footcandles (Lumens by Square Foot)

Lux (Lumens per Square Meter)

Private or open office



Conference room



Break room






 As you can see, the average amount of lumens needed for an office is 40 lumens per square foot. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every inch of the space should be a minimum of 40 footcandles, just that the average light output is 40. It’s perfectly fine if certain areas fall slightly below this while others just exceed it. 

How Much Does it Cost to Install? 

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of having LED lighting in your commercial office, but one of the downsides is the upfront cost of installation. Considering the profit-margin concerned companies that run these offices, this is something that can put people off. 

It’s hard to give an exact estimate of how much it will cost to install LED lighting in a commercial office space due to the number of variables that play a part in this decision. For example, the size of the office will play a large part, as a bigger area will require better lighting. It also depends on the type of light fixtures already in place, and whether or not it’s easy to change them over or if it will require rewiring. 

However, a recent scheme that has been introduced as a way of encouraging more office spaces to make the transition to LED lighting is the Ecolighting’s Zero Capital Outlay pay as you go scheme. This allows you to use your savings to cover the initial costs of installing LED lights, which means you can start making savings on your energy bills sooner. 

No matter how much you spend on switching to an LED lighting system, it’ll certainly pay off in the long run as LED bulbs are much cheaper to run. Their excellent energy-efficiency means they consume electricity at a much lower rate and are therefore less expensive to run overall, meaning you can save up to 90% on your energy bills which translates to thousands of pounds. 

A byproduct saving that might surprise you is that you can also reduce your air conditioning costs by using LED bulbs instead of halogen or incandescent bulbs, as LEDs produce far less heat when they emit light therefore they don’t affect the overall office temperature. 

Where you’ll find up to a 95% loss of energy through heat production alone with more traditional lighting rigs, this figure is drastically reduced to approximately 5% when using LEDs. The lack of filament means that when it’s warmer outside, you can stay cooler inside. 

How LED Lighting Effects Your Employees and their Productivity Levels 

How productive can you be in dim lighting? What’s more distracting than a flickering lightbulb? How can you concentrate with a buzzing noise overhead? These are just a few of the common offences of regular halogen or fluorescent tube lighting that are eliminated when you make the switch to an LED lighting system. 

Compared to other types of lighting, LED bulbs have been proven to have a positive effect on the well-being and even the health of the people who work under them. Research has been conducted into how closely LED lighting resembles that of natural light, revealing that it’s far better than artificial light as it doesn’t strain the eyes after extended periods of time. 

Stick with us on this one, but LED lighting can even make your staff feel less sleepy. You’ll spend less on electricity and on coffee. Well, we make no guarantee on that second one. What we can guarantee is that the blue wavelengths of LED lighting have the same stimulus effect as natural light, meaning your employees feel more alert during work hours. 

This is because of the natural 24-clock that our body runs on, the technical name of which is the circadian rhythm. LED lighting falls in with this rhythm to trick our bodies into thinking we’re experiencing natural light, which in turn makes us less sleepy as the body’s 24-hour clock reads it as daytime. Without natural light, we can become sleepy and less alert as our bodies think it’s night when the light has gone out. 

Migraines become less frequent, feelings of stress and anxiety are reduced, and even spelling can improve under the natural glow of LED light bulbs. With happy employees, it’s a happy office, so it’s worth investing in your staff’s health and well-being. 

Final Thoughts 

How many offices does it take to change a lightbulb before it makes a difference? Well, even one business making the change to LED lighting throughout its office buildings would be a step in the right direction to a more energy-efficient world and would help to reduce CO2 emissions. 

LED is the future of lighting. A bold claim, but one that we stand behind. It’s a stance that we hope you can understand and perhaps even come to share after reading all about the many benefits for you, your employees, and the environment. 

Not only will it reduce your office’s energy consumption, but it’ll also reduce the cost of running it which we’re sure is music to any business’s ears. Don’t allow the upfront costs to put you off, and if you’re worried about overheads then check out the Eco Lighting’s No Capital Outlay that would help you make the switch without having to pay out of your own pocket to start with. Do the right thing for your employees and the environment today by installing LED lights in your office space.


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