Benefits of LED Shop Lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor in retail design


Benefits of LED Shop Lighting 

Lighting is a crucial factor in commercial settings, particularly retail design. LED shop lighting offers retailers an energy-efficient and adaptable alternative to traditional forms of lighting. 

Lighting performs multiple functions in a retail environment. It affects how customers feel, and it can highlight and amplify the attractiveness of products on display. It should, in fact, set the whole mood and tone of a space.

Why Switch to LED?

Lighting is essential, but it is also an overhead for retailers. Medium-sized businesses in the UK, for example, consume an annual average of 35,000 kilowatt hours in electricity. 

If you invest in LED shop lighting, it has some major benefits when it comes to saving you energy, and money: 

  • LED shop lighting uses less energy than other forms of lighting, such as CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) 
  • LEDs last a lot longer than other bulbs, lasting up to 60,000 hours, compared to 10,000 hours for CFLs 
  • LED lights provide a rapid return on investment through energy savings, due to their energy efficiency and longevity, so what you invest now, you save later 
  • Switching to LED shop lighting is usually very straightforward, and in many cases you can retrofit LED bulbs in existing light fittings.

LEDs Versus Other Light Sources

Many retail spaces will, typically, rely on some form of fluorescent lighting. Traditionally, retailers have used this type of lighting because it illuminates spaces sufficiently, while providing a reasonable lighting lifecycle. 

But fluorescent bulbs are not a very versatile form of lighting, and, when it comes to shop lighting, you should be looking at a good degree of versatility. 

There are three basic types of shop lighting: 

  • Ambient or general lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Task lighting

As we have already pointed out, shop lighting needs to perform multiple functions, so it follows that a single form of lighting is unlikely to meet all these needs. 

UNLESS it’s LED shop lighting. 

Look at it this way, fluorescent lighting might provide sufficient, all-round general lighting in your shop, but will it work in highlighting specific products or features. 

What if you want to create a different sort of mood around a display, to add drama and draw the eye. 

Or what about those areas where you need good clarity, such as tills or customer service? 

You might then have to opt for spotlights or downlights. 

But with LED lighting, you can cover all forms of lighting with one type of technology. 

LED shop lights come in different colour temperatures, from warm to cool light, making them extremely adaptable for a broad range of retail environments. 

If you want brightness and clarity, then LEDs will do the trick. But, if you also want to create a specific mood in your shop, then LEDs will help you accomplish this too. 

And all the time, you’ll be making savings on your energy bills, and seriously cutting down on the number of times you’ll need to replace your lightbulbs. 

The money you save on your energy, you could then reinvest in other areas of your business, such as your marketing, or a new fit-out.

What are the Benefits of LEDs? 

LED shop lighting makes full use of the benefits of LED technology. 

LED stands for light emitting diode. This is a semiconductor light source, which converts electrical energy directly into light. 

Unlike in other forms of lighting, this energy is not first converted into heat. Therefore, LEDs waste far less energy in the process of producing light. 

With LEDs, you get: 

  • Low running costs, with significant lifetime cost savings
  • Longer lamp life
  • Minimal heat output
  • A wide range of colour temperatures 

These benefits are all of potentially huge value to shops, reducing overheads, while also ensuring this low-heat lighting is safe to use with delicate materials and objects.

At Eco Lighting, we even have a payment plan which enables you to pay for your LED installation with the savings made in energy costs.

LED Shop Lighting as Retail Strategy 

Shop lighting is not just about brightness. Yes, it’s important that the merchandise is easy to see, but uniform bright light is not the most effective way to illuminate a retail space. 

The key to grabbing the customer’s attention is contrast. Best practice for shops is to combine lighter and darker areas. 

Light plays a key role in creating an atmosphere, and it affects how we feel, and the emotional state of customers is a very important aspect of retailing. It should form part of your overall strategy for selling products. 

Whether you’re focusing on ambient, accent or task lighting, LEDs can provide a whole range of cost effective solutions. 

For example, cool white lights will make an area look more spacious. Warmer lighting draws people in, making a space feel more familiar and friendly. 

Accent lighting on lower shelves can draw the shopper’s attention to items they might otherwise miss. 

Which of these lighting options works best for you will depend on the type of shop you have, and the type of mood you wish to create with it. 

If you make LED shop lighting part of your retail strategy, you open up your shop to a variety of different lighting opportunities and possibilities. 

And at the same time, you’ll spend less on your lighting in the long-term.

Explore LED Lighting for Your Shop 

Make your initial investment in LED shop lighting now, and start saving on energy and lighting costs straight away. Contact us for more information.


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