Make the switch to LED and transform your lighting costs, operational efficiency, health and safety and carbon footprint

 Save with our LEDs

How often are you able to transform part of your business?


Make changes to benefit your bottom line, operations and carbon footprint, permanently.
And for no additional cost.

Energy savings of over 70% are the norm, not the exception, when we replace your traditional lighting with LED, and can even cover the monthly repayment cost of your installation, leaving your cash flow intact.

Eco Lighting Specialists LED has brightened lives in offices, factories, warehouses, commercial garages, nursery schools and care homes.

We understand switching to LED is an important decision, so we provide extensive financial and technical data to inform your choice on whether to switch.

Then we wait for the inevitable – your light bulb moment – before we start work.

Because it is an opportunity too good to miss.

Enjoy your light bulb moment and make the switch to LED


Our LED lights can use as little as 10% of the energy consumed by conventional halogen lamps and last up 50 times longer. You’ll see the difference in your very first bill after installation.



Your quality of light will be transformed by LED, boosting productivity and health and safety, particularly in industrial settings where heavy machinery is used.



We only use premium quality LED lighting to cut your carbon emissions dramatically, benefitting your company’s eco-performance, something increasingly valued by your customers.


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Protect Your Cash Flow

You can pay for your LED installation without any capital outlay and protect your cash flow.

Our funding partners have extensive experience in green and renewable energy projects and will establish a monthly repayment scheme. We will demonstrate in advance how much your monthly savings on energy and other lighting costs will offset these repayments.

If you wish to pay upfront from your capex, the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme will allow you to claim all your tax allowance for the installation within the first financial year, and Eco Lighting Specialists can advise you further on this.

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