We never tire of sharing the benefits of LED

Trusted and valuable partnerships lie at the heart of our success at Eco Lighting Specialists

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Because we work closely with some of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting, we can guarantee premium quality and the latest technology at competitive prices. In the rare event of a faulty fitting, we sort it out with the manufacturers on your behalf under their no-quibble guarantee.

In addition, our funding partners are well established in providing finance for green and renewable projects to ensure we offer flexible, off balance sheet, good value packages.

The strength and depth of this partnership network is built on Eco Lighting Specialists’ leading position in the LED sector. With approaching 40 years’ experience of electrical contracting, we have developed extensive skills and knowledge as LED technology has developed in the last decade.

This combination of knowledge, skills and premium partnerships allows us now to offer a market-leading experience to our clients – something we are proud of.

We maintain a relentless focus on quality improvement and customer satisfaction. That’s one of the reasons we work with LED. It always delivers.

At Eco Lighting Specialists, we believe completely in the game-changing power of LED to transform your business – financially, operationally and ecologically.

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